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Saryna Key Body Naked Break Duo Set (Shampoo 500ml + Mask 500ml)

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SARYNA KEY™ is extremely delighted and proud to unveil the world’s first fuss-free, ever-so-easy-to use, innovational, multi-purpose body-care product range. 60 SECONDS is all it takes for NAKED BREAK to make your skin feel youthful, silkily-soft and radiant. Just delicately massage the mask all over your body whilst in the shower… the perfect moment, for a perfect result, when pores are optimally receptive thanks to the comfortably-warm ambiance, hot water and steam. Your skin absorbs this noble restorative treatment, a pure harmony of powerful, active ingredients, moisturizing and nourishing the epidermis deep-down. Post-shower, as your skin cools, the formula continues to diffuse its virtues.

SARYNA KEY™, a globally-acknowledged brand in the haircare realm, with its Shea Butter product lines, counts a myriad of international hair salon players amongst its loyal customers who acclaim our Shea care as INCOMPARABLY WORLD-CLASS. From the word go, it was crystal-clear to us that formulating a body mask was a must… our mask, NAKED BREAK, has become an undeniable point of pride.. 

How to use: 

Body Shampoo Pour a generous amount on the palm of the hand, massage well all over your body, then rinse.

Body Mask Naked Break – In-Shower Body Mask – is the most convenient way to moisturize and treat your skin. After using SARYNA KEY™ Body Shampoo, just apply our revolutionary hydrating product and rinse off. Dry off thoroughly. It only takes a few seconds to treat and smooth your skin. Do not apply to the soles of your feet and remove any remaining residues after use, to prevent slipping.

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