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Pure Elements is based on the Asian philosophy and ''Feng Shui''.

Pure Elements's cosmetics contain pure organic raw materials of high quality such as mango butter, essential tomato oil , argan oil, jojoba, avocado & almond oil.

All cosmetics are enriched with rock crystal and essential oils that bust energy!!!

 Herbs are collected in the most traditional way by local inhabitants from the wild, following the policy of Pure Elements of rural employment without harming nature in anyway.

Pure Elements's guidelines :
No testing on animals of products or ingredients
No mineral oils
No synthetic or artificial colours
Oils are organic
Herbs are handpicked from the wilderness by local inhabitants of the area
Packaging is kept to a basic minimum
No child labour is involved
We practice fair trade with our producer and manufacturer

What is the Rock Crystal or quartz:
It is internationally known as “Quartz”, a valuable mineral-silica.
*Wherever it is placed, it gives energy and power!
Quartz Crystal, especially as a polished sphere is an excellent source of help for meditation! A tonic of the intuition that balances and harmonizes the aura!


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