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Redken Brews Color Camo Light Ash 60ml

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Semi-permanent men's hair dye without ammonia for root coverage.

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Redken Brews Color Camo Light  Ash 60ml is a liquid hair dye without ammonia that helps to erase white hair and offers a younger look in just 10 minutes. This professional hairdressing product offers the appropriate coverage of gray hair in 3 shades, for a definitely discreet semi-permanent result. It fades gently and leaves no visible root effects. It is aimed at men who want to reduce the contrast of white hair in a natural and discreet way, without making radical changes, and to be renewed.


  • White hair is reduced but there are still some white hairs, creating a very natural result.
  • The result is clean and discreet, in harmony with the natural color.
  • Composition that does not contain ammonia.


  1. Preparation
  2. Wear suitable disposable gloves.
  3. Redken Brews Color Camo Light Ash is used in a 1 + 1 mixture in a ratio of: - 50 ml of paint product.- 50 ml of special oxidizing cream 10 degrees Redken Pro Oxide 10 Vol. (Not included in the package).
  4. Do not use metal tools.
  5. Apply the mixture in an application applicator or paint bowl and brush, until it mixes well and apply immediately after mixing.
  6. Apply the mixture as a shampoo directly from the applicator or bowl.
  7. It is essential to have a skin allergy test 48 hours before each use of this product.

1st application

  1. Apply to fresh, towel-dried hair.
  2. Apply to roots, lengths and edges, starting with the whitest gray areas.
  3. Leave a stay of 5 minutes.
  4. When the stay is over, massage until foamy.
  5. Rinse hair well.
  6. Finish with your shampoo.
  7. The residence time of 5 minutes is strictly observed because the extension of this time darkens the applied shade.
  8. If you want a deeper result, the residence time should be 10 minutes.

Next applications

  1. If the hair is a little long, apply the product to the roots and then to the ends.
  2. Leave a total stay of 5 minutes from the time you start the application.
  3. When the stay is over, massage.
  4. Rinse hair well
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Data sheet

Data sheet

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